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“The hunting season in Kansas begins when the green forests turn to a blazing orange.” (“Whitetail Deer Hunting Guide: Whitetail Deer Hunting: Kansas”)

“The Kansas deer hunting season begins in the fall every year and more than $22 billion is spent during this time.” (“Whitetail Deer Hunting Guide”) The expense goes towards the purchase of clothing, including the specially made head-to-foot blaze orange, guns with powerful scopes, ammunition, travel, and accommodation to stay in the woods when looking for the trophy white tail buck.

The winning prize in Kansas deer hunting belongs with the largest antlers. Kansas is believed to be the best hunting location for atypical whitetail deer. The state has a certificate of Trophy for all hunters who achieve a certain minimum score with deer. To win the certificate, you must get more than seventeen inches of antlers or horns of a white tail buck.

Most of the hunting grounds in Kansas are privately owned. For those parts that are not privately owned there are guides that help hunters to find the right spot where they may hunt. The hunting land in Kansas is made of creek and river bottoms, cedar and hardwood draw, and CPR fields. Majority of the crop fields grow corn, Milo, wheat alfalfa, and soybean.

Northern Central Kansas has the richest soil in the entire state. “Acorns are a large crop from which the Kansas whitetail deer gets a lot of nutrients.” (“Whitetail Deer Hunting Guide: Whitetail Deer Hunting: Kansas”) In Eastern Kansas you will find the larger whitetail deer. Most of the land is flat in Kansas with small, wooded regions meaning the deer have fewer hiding places. They tend to travel in herds because of this.

Bow hunting season in Kansas begins in September and lasts till the gun hunting season begins. There are two rifle hunting seasons in Kansas, end of November and start of December. You need to have hunter education if your date of birth is later than 1 July 1957.

This is represented through the card that you must always carry when hunting. You also need to have a permit for deer hunting. There are only a limited number of permits granted every year through draws. The license permits hunters to hunt for small game and birds. This license is only valid for a calendar year and not the hunting season.

Deer hunting in Kansas requires proper attention to safety and the right hunting techniques. These procedures and techniques are taught during the hunting education course that most hunters nowadays are required to attend.

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